I consider myself a contemporary painter in search of actionable art. For years I have been using birds as our stand-ins, both emotionally and visually. However, after a recent review of my life body of work, I became aware of a new demand from myself; to create art that goes beyond the narrative and decorative, to work that can call the viewer to physical action to coincide with a shared belief between them and the presented visual. My new mirror work is a superb example of this effort. In those pieces you are the one who is left to take action and have the power to do so. That is the current focus of my practice today, to better signal calls to action within my work.

My Brief Bio
Born in 1970 in Cincinnati, OH, I studied art at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. I grew up as an athlete and artist in Cincinnati Ohio. As a teenager with nowhere to go and little guidance, I turned to the Army to serve my country as a tank driver and see the world beyond home. After my service in the Army and college, I had a sporadic career in software with escapes made to race bicycles, run mountains, start up companies, and yes, even open an art gallery at one time. Today, I live and paint on a small farm in Day Creek, Washington, where my wife and I share the property with 11 rescued chickens and a cat named Zal. My practice is full time and I welcome new opportunities, commissions, and studio visits.