Animated Paintings

These animated paintings carry forward the expression and movement of my canvas works, allowing me to add to the liveliness and richness of the originals. The animations on this page are lower resolution for the web. The full size download(s) are included with the NFT collectible.

After failing to convince humanity it could live with itself, the Viceroy retired high into the Swiss Alps with his trusty sidekick nature, never to be heard from again.

The Viceroy

Original: Acrylic on linen. 24 x 24 in. Available separately.
Animated NFT: 1080 x 1080 px. 20 Editions.
Available on
A starling searches for land to conquer in time for Columbus Day.

The Explorer (Columbus Starling)

Original: Acrylic on panel. 20 x 20 in. Sold.
Animated NFT: 1920 x 1920 px. 20 Editions.
Available on
Two soaring frigate birds pause as they pass each other in the late afternoon.

So Close Yet so Far Away

Original: Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 48 in. Sold.
Animated NFT: 1920 x 1920 px. 1 Edition only.
Available on
A painting of a barn owl comes to life as the owl begins to take in its environment, including aiming its gaze at us.

Barn Owl

Originals on canvas. 36 x 48 in + 3 poses. All included.
Animated NFT: 1080 x 1920 pixels. 1 Edition only.
Available via OpenSea.
A painting of eleven owls of varying species comes to life as the owls begin winking at us and each other.

Blinking Owls

Original: Acrylic on canvas. 18 x 24 in. Sold.
Animated NFT: 600 x 714 px. 1 Edition only. Sold.
View NFT on Mintable.
A painting of a valley looking out at the hills comes to life as a painted cyclist speeds by and fades into the distance.


Original: Acrylic on panel. 48 x 24 inches. Sold.
Animated NFT: 1920 x 1080 pixels. 1 Edition only.
Available on OpenSea.
A painting of a yellow sky with starlings swirling comes to life.

Eternal Counting

Original: Acrylic on linen. 72 x 66 in. Not for sale.
Animated NFT: 400 x 365 px. 1 Edition only. A.C.
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About the work

Animation allows me to express the motion and story of my paintings even further. Bringing my painting style forward was a natural fit for the frame by frame techniques that I prefer to use when creating my animated pieces. Using the interwoven manner of my brushwork in my paintings, I have developed my own styles and approaches to creating these short-run clips of life outside of technology. Living objects like birds and bicyclists are nostalgically brought back to life in digital form using what I am calling roto-kinetic painting. Combining painting with techniques from both rotoscoping and other motion recording techniques, I create what I call roto-kinetic paintings. Animation also describes what I do on a general level. Upon being offered as non-fungible tokens, these animated works become a conceptual player in a deeper game being played here than merely figuring out how to make the visual experience delightful, which they very much are. The game of blurring the lines between nature and art and technology, in an attempt to harmonize them becomes my quest here. Creating something old with something new. Paying homage, and cherishing heritage.

My studio is located out in the country, at the base of a 3,500 foot mountain, where the weather is usually 20-50% different than it is in the Skagit Valley just 30 minutes away. Being far enough from the world at large during Covid, changed how I desired to see my art presented. Things like subject (birds and nature) and presentation have certainly turned towards the local biota over our past three years of living here. When it came time for me to consider how to create art to reach the world beyond our hideaway, and seeing how in-person networking had become harder, I decided to use my paintings to connect to other communities of artists around the world via the NFT community. This is a unique time for us artists, and so I bravely walked into the unknown and cleared the fog, and began making my mark in the world differently than I had up to now. Proudly I have brought my paintings to life for many more to see, and I look forward to new ideas and challenges to come!


If you are interested in collecting the NFTs for these works, here's my marketplace presence...

OpenSea: Analog Analogies (Animation 1/1s) OPEN

OpenSea: Starling Rush (PFP 1/1s) OPEN

HEN20 Collection: AW2 Foundation seed (20/20s) OPEN

Mintable: Secondary listings (1/1s) OPEN

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