NEW SHOW: At Toro Lounge in Bremerton
Hey everyone. It's been a while since we got together and I had some fresh art to share with you. Well, now's the time! I am stoked to announce that I will be showing at Toro lounge in Bremerton beginning Fri March first, and we will have an artist opening on Saturday the 9th

I look forward to seeing everyone and sharing my new directions. Stay tuned for more details....
Put a bird on it. Don Wesley at Toro Lounge - March 2013.

Redmond Studio in Full Flight
January 2011 - It's been a slow start since we moved over here from Bremerton, but we are happy to announce that the Redmond studio is now active and we are once again painting, and sculpting. The new space is twice the size of any space I've ever had to work in, and that has prompted me to build some custom easels that can support larger works. If you are going to be in the area and would like to schedule a studio visit, please contact us. We'd love to share our current work with you.
Works in progress

Art Banners in Bremerton
January 2010 - The city of Bremerton's 1% for the Arts team has just completed the first phase of their Banners in Bremerton program. I am honored to have three of my paintings that I completed while living in Bremerton as selections for the project. The pieces chosen were Gull on Ferry, Tough Counting, and Conquistador Number 1 of Infinity. All of the works chosen were originally painted in acrylic on linen, and the Conquistador is still available for purchase ; )

The Banners can be seen hanging throughout downtown Bremerton. There are over 70 banners in all which collectively add a beautiful dash of color throughout the town as it continues its redevelopment plans. Lynsi Burton from the Bremerton Patriot did a nice write up of the project. Read Lynsi's article here.
Gull on Ferry Tough Counting

Promised Counting
February 2008 - The fifth painting in the memorial to our lost soldiers in Iraq is nearing completion. Each painting in the series depicts that year's toll, using birds in flight to represent each soldier lost.

This year's painting titled Promised Counting is now on exhibit at my gallery in Bremerton. I will be exhibiting the entire series of paintings during March as we mark the end of the fifth year of conflict in East Asia. On March 20, this year's painting will be complete.

Promised Counting
Promised Counting - Acrylic on linen - 72 x 66 inches.

View all the paintings in the series
Signed Prints are available

The CVG Show - Bremerton, WA
February 1-29, 2008 - Guest Juror Susan Parke has selected my latest wall sculpture Spawning go the Memories for the 2008 CVG Show which will feature over 140 works from artists throughout the state of Washington. I'm proud to be a part of this historic show for the Collective Visions Gallery here in Bremerton. Hats off to Alan Newberg and the Collective Visions staff and volunteers for producing what will surely be an awesome event for our community.

Spawning go the Memories

Spawning go the Memories - Wood & paint - 48 x 36 inches.
by Don Wesley - November 2007 - Chico Estuary

They came from here, but have been possibly
everywhere, below sea level that is. The tales
and adventures of the chum salmon at sea...
to have survived for three plus years, to have
made it to the point in the waters where only
your belly is wet, attempting to echo your
existence into the future, sans the amazing
memories of creatures great and small.

Art of Flight - Everett, WA
September 6 – October 25, 2007 - I will be sharing works in the Art of Flight exhibition at the Arts Council Gallery at The Monte Christo in Everett, Washington.

Arts Council Gallery at The Monte Christo, Everett, WA

Snohomish Arts Council Gallery: Webpage

Bainbridge Island Art Expo
August 3-5, 2007 - Liz Gadboi (Winslow Contemporary Arts) has put together an awesome new event, The Bainbridge Island Art Expo. The arts and music event is slated for August 4 & 5 at a historic farmhouse and surrounding farmland on the north end of Bainbridge Island. This event is co-sponsored by Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council, Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce and Winslow Contemporary Arts.

Bainbridge Island Art Expo

Berkshire Clergy Conference - Merville, France
April 2007 - Janet Russell, Parish Development Adviser for the Archdeaconry in Berkshire, England has chosen And Counting as the theme image for the Berkshire Archdeaconry Conference in Merville, France from June 18-21. The image will be used to support the conference theme "Set My People Free." Russell's selection is intended to bring an element of the natural world to the conference.

Berkshire Archdeaconry Conference

Tough Counting
March 2007 - The fourth painting in the memorial to our lost soldiers in Iraq is now complete. Each painting in the series depicts that year's toll, using birds in flight to represent each soldier lost.

Tough Counting
Tough Counting - Acrylic on linen - 72 x 66 inches.

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2007 Pip Artist Calendar - Bremerton, WA
January 2007 - Pip Printing in Bremerton has selected my painting "Estuary" for their 2007 artist calendar. These free calendars are still available at Pip.

Now Open: Wesley Art Gallery - Bremerton, WA
September 2006 - The Wesley Art Gallery is now open to rave reviews. Now in it's third month, the gallery has won the hearts of many new viewers and First Friday Artwalkers. The gallery is located at 1210 Pacific Avenue (1/2 miles north of downtown) directly across from Evergreen Park.

Wesley Art Gallery

More Counting
March 2006 - The third painting in the memorial to our lost soldiers in Iraq is now complete. Each painting in the series depicts that year's toll, using birds in flight to represent each soldier lost.

More Counting
More Counting - Acrylic on linen - 72 x 66 inches.

View the first two paintings in the series: And Counting - Still Counting
Signed Prints are Available

Island Wildlife Shelter Auction - Bainbridge, WA
March 2006 - I recently donated a pair of bird paintings to the Island Wildlife Shelter’s fundraiser auction at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo. Over the past few years I’ve brought in both a baby pelagic cormorant and seagull to the shelter. Kol Medina and the folks at the shelter are a tribute to humanity and caring for the world around us.

Poncho Art Auction - Seattle, WA
February 2006 - I recently finished my submission for the 2006 Poncho Art Auction titled "Double Dipper." The auction takes place Saturday March 4, 2006. Tickets are still available. An auction preview will be online the third week of February. I hope to see you there. Also, I would like to thank Diane Griffith (Owner - Made in Bremerton Store) for pointing me in the direction of the Poncho Auction.

Double Dipper

Bremerton High School Career Day
February 2006 - I am now a member of the Bremerton High School Vocational Advisory Board. As a part of my involvement with the school I recently shared my art career with over fifty students during career day. The students were attentive and appreciated the fact that I am so into what I do. I brought samples of the range of things I do as an artist. They were very surprised to find out that my Chuck Close and Picasso portraits were created using Legos.

Lego Portraits

Blue Starling and Turkey Vulture Two Paintings Purchased by Kitsap County 1% for the Arts Commission
October 2005 - I am very happy to announce that I was selected as a finalist in this past summer's Kitsap County Arts Board 1% For the Arts Two of my paintings were juried in as purchase awards. Blue Starling and The Turkey Vulture will both adourn the walls of the county courthouse upon its completed remodel.

And Still Counting
September 2005 - I continue to develop this series of paintings that documents our military losses in Iraq. In March I began work on More Counting which memorializes the fallen during the third year of our ongoing conflict.

Emily Dickinson Quote

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